Welcome to 88 FM Levin

Radio 88fm is a Low Power not for profit station broadcasting 24/7 at Levin with quality programmes  supplied by 'World Christian Broadcasting'(KNLS),  'Radio Bible Class', and 'Trans World Radio' (KTWR). 

We have been on air 24/7 in Levin since Sunday July 25th 2010. This small radio station has been set up by the Bible Sharing Trust.  The simple aim of the Trust is to share the Love of Jesus Christ with listeners. The Chinese script above says "Levin Christian churches welcome Chinese people to worship with them". We hope listeners to 88fm  will enjoy worship at a local Church of their choice in Levin. To find a Church near you click the"Levin Churches" tab on this site.  If we can be of any help please contact us.          





 A  friend from Beijing who now lives in Levin helps sort our CDs 

Its with pleasure we introduce a new on line Chinese Bible resource:-  http://www.biblica.com/bibles/chinese/  

Programme Schedule as @ 01-03-2016

12:00 - Trans World (KTWR) Producers   www.twr.org      
  5:00 - World Christian (KNLS) - Producers www.smzg.org       
  9:00 - Radio Bible Class  - Producers www.rbc.org
11:00 - World Christian (KNLS) - Producers www.smzg.org
12:00 - Trans World (KTWR) Producers www.twr.org   

  1:00 - Radio Bible Class - Producers www.rbc.org    
  7:00 - World Christian (KNLS) - Producers www.smzg.org
  8:00 - Trans World Radio (KTWR) - Producers www.twr.org  
  9:00 - Radio Bible Class - Producers www.rbc.org
11:00 - Over night till 5:00 AM
  • Between programmes and overnight we play a wide variety of Christian music in Chinese and English.
  • This published programme is a guide only and may vary from time to time.
  • © Copyright and Intellectual Property is retained by original programme Producers and Broadcasters. No extended or unauthorised use is permitted.